The swimming pool fence gate is the most vital part of any pool fence system. To be truly safe, it must be able to open and close properly, every time. It is expected to endure hundreds of openings and closing per day, as well as the elements.

Life Saver Pool Fence’s gate employs a double-truss system. The double-truss system of swimming pool gates allows for tension variations without the need for adjusting. A single-pole or single-truss system requires constant adjustments. Combined with the fact that the gate and fence is removable, single-truss pool gates are more likely to experience gate closure failure. Any failure for a gate to properly close can render the whole pool fence unsafe.

The Strongest Pool Fence Gates in the Industry

Some pool fence companies nonetheless still sell and install single-truss gates, despite their risks. Other companies have added minor modifications like strengthening bars; still these are risky gates. Life Saver Pool Fence is the only company to offer a double-truss square-stock aluminum gate. While there are other manufacturers which produce double-truss gates, they use round pool fence poles. These weaker poles simply can’t compare to Life Saver’s double 1 ¼” heavy gauge, square-stock aluminum poles.

Life Saver’s doesn’t sacrifice quality for strength or cost when making our gates. We use the most aluminum in fabrication in the industry to ensure solidity for years and back it with a lifetime warranty. Supported on a double-truss system, the door of the gate is framed on all four sides by square stock aluminum as well. The square stock poles and gate means that the hinges and lock are attached to flat surfaces, ensuring proper fit. The gate is finished using 12/12 mill. Textilene mesh and the bottom of its frame sits 1 ½” off the ground.

The Most Attractive Pool Gates on the Market

We may be biased, be we feel that we not only sell and install the strongest pool fence gates on the market, but also the most attractive. Since the gate is often the center of the fence, we figured why not provide an attractive one? With a swimming pool gate installed by Life Saver of Houston, you can count on a professional installation of the highest quality and best looking gates on the market!

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