For over 27 years, Life Saver Pool Fence has improved their removable pool fence; always striving to produce the safest pool fence in America. Life Saver has tested different materials and construction methods in order to deliver the strongest, most resistant and most attractive removable pool fence in the industry. Here are the main characteristics that distinguish a Life Saver pool fence from the competition:

Solid Poles.

Poolfence pole imageWhen purchasing a removable pool fence, consumers are offered different pole options. Each option comes with its own strengths, weaknesses and price. Most often, the materials used to make the poles are aluminum or fiberglass. The bottom of the poles slide into polymer sleeves in the deck and are attached to the mesh by passing it between a molding and the pole by a series of screws.

Pole design is vital for fence strength and Life Saver’s solid poles offer differences you can see! The High Performance Solid Pole is 3 times stronger than the standard x-pole design. The thick external wall of the High Performance Solid Pole is made using T-6 aluminum alloy, making it really rigid. The internal wall is made of schedule 80 P.V.C. and runs into the bottom 14 inches of each pole. It provides additional strength and flexibility at the insertion point of the pole and above it by 10”. Life Saver then fills the pole by adding a T-5 break proof solid metal rod on the inside. There is simply no stronger pole and Life Saver backs it with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. It’s the number one reason we consider the Life Saver removable pool fence the safest pool fence in the America.

Textilene® Mesh. Nearly Indestructible.

A removable pool fence’s strength greatly depends on its mesh. In order to have the safest pool fence, you must have the strongest mesh. That’s why Life Saver uses nothing but the strongest, most see-through mesh available. It is a 12-12 mill. nylon mesh and it offers the highest tensile strength available at over 270 lbs per square inch. The polyvinyl basket weave is infused with first-rate UV protectors that keep your pool fence looking new for decades even in the harshest climates.

Snap Safety Latch

Snap latch imageThe latch holds the pool fence poles together between sections and to be considered safe, must be difficult for children to remove. Due to bilateral tension between fence sections, it takes 2 hands to release the Life Saver safety snap latch. The significance of high quality latches cannot be minimized as they are the stopping points that prevent children from getting past the fence.

There are several different latches used in the industry – be certain you’re getting the best one! Contrasting hook & eye latches and toggle-bolt latches used by some others, Life Saver’s nickel plated snap latches offer a molded latch with the stainless steel spring set inside. This ensures that it will not rust, decay or depreciate. Once latched, no downward or upward force can release it. Its design has no sharp points or edges and ensures a secure closure every time.

Perma-lock Safety Latch.

The Perma-lock Safety Latch offers added protection for parents seeking the safest pool fence possible. It requires tools to open and surpasses the requirements of most swimming pool laws and codes, including the country’s most recent modifications.

Border and stitching

Mesh imageThe border helps avoid sagging and provides the required tension for the removable pool fence. On both ends, the border keeps the mesh from ripping off of the poles. The border needs to withstand the tension of the fence as well as all of the elements. Life Saver uses embossed nylon border material that are produced to prevent weathering and cracking as a result of harsh winters and summers. The border material is attached to the mesh by stitching, and in lower quality removable fences with glue. Life Saver Pool Fence’s goal of providing the safest pool fence possible, means that they don’t cut corners; they use quadruple marine stitching for the borders. It is the same technique used for boat canvases and awnings.


If You Are Seeking the Safest Pool Fence – Think Life Saver of Houston

Life Saver Pool Fence has worked diligently for over 27 years to make the best pool fence for safety in the country and in the industry. Our factory trained teams ensure that you receive the best pool fence, the highest quality installation and the quickest service possible – all with a smile!

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