A very sad statistic is a preventable one. It is that one of the primary causes of death in kids below the age of 5 is drowning. A pool safety fence is among the most safe and reliable methods, along with parental guidance and supervision, of ensuring the safety of children against accidents and hazards around the home swimming pool.

According to statistics, on average approximately 700 kids drown every year in swimming pools. Drowning is also considered to be a significant reason of grown-ups and children getting grave, life-threatening injuries. The risk to pets is also greater when a house has an easily accessible swimming pool. Swimming pool safety fences therefore have become an inevitable method of avoiding deaths and accidents caused in swimming pools.

A pool fence becomes particularly needed in residential swimming pools when toddlers are regularly present in the home. This is also the case for grandparents who regularly take care of their little treasures as well. With only a small distraction, a child can gain access to a swimming pool. In fact, 77% of fatal drowning accidents occurred within 5 minutes of the child last being seen.   Considering these facts, a pool safety fence is one of the most valuable options for people who have swimming pools since it acts as a barrier for children and pets, stops them from getting too close to the water and also provides some peace of mind.

Swimming Pool Fence Options

For Houston homeowners, there are many options available when it comes to a pool safety fence. None more versatile and transparent as a Life Saver removable swimming pool fence. Our removable fencing, which is sometimes referred to as a baby pool fence or safety pool fence, is mounted on solid aluminum poles (only Life Saver offers completely solid poles which are the strongest in the industry), are corrosion resistant and extremely durable. Backed by a lifetime warranty, Life Saver’s transparent pool fence offers a great combination of versatility, security and value.

Life Saver of Houston carried more than one model of pool safety fence, in various colors, 4 or 5 feet high and two different gate models as well. We are fully insured and factory trained, so you can rest assured that you will receive a great looking, and safe, pool fence.

For a pool safety fence in the Houston area, contact Life Saver of Houston today!