At Life Saver of Houston, our top priority is to keep children safe around swimming pools. We are a family run business based in Houston, serving the greater Houston market.

My name is Wayne Cannon. I am a proud husband of 25 years and father to 4 wonderful children. About 11 years ago when my son Alex was only two, he fell into the swimming pool at my brother’s house. Being the middle of February, it was very cold out and Alex was fully clothed. I can still remember how quickly it took place! Thankfully we were right there and I was able to get to him right away. Even though we were closely supervising him, he still fell in the frigid water. Once out of the water, my son began vomiting and crying. I was shocked how much water he was able to swallow in only a few short moments. It is a moment that remains with us even today, eleven years later. What if we were not there or if we were distracted? Goodness knows the tragedy we avoided.

My wife (Bonnie) and I looked into swimming classes the following day. We didn’t only want our son to learn how to swim, but also to know what to do if he fell in. We found ISR Infant Swimming Self Rescue and enrolled him immediately. At the time, my wife owned a preschool and introduced the program for all children in the daycare. Lessons were 5 days per week for only 10 minutes per day and the program lasted 6 weeks. At the end of the program, we were amazed by Alex and all of the children from the daycare. Every one of them was able to swim or at least float. The biggest pleasure was seeing the pride on all of their little faces for accomplishing such a big feat. My wife, as impressed as I was, decided to become a professional instructor in order to teach children this life saving skill. For the past 11 years, I have witnessed her growing passion of helping so many families proactively prevent disaster. She has now started her own business. If you live in the Houston area have young children that don't know how to swim, I encourage you to contact her!

Pool Fence Company Houston.

Realizing that drowning remains one of the leading causes of children under five in the United Sates, we felt that we could do more. Swimming lessons weren’t enough; there needed to be more that we could do. After extensive research, we found Life Saver Pool Fence Systems Inc. We were so impressed by their dedication to swimming pool safety and ensuring that their fences are the best that in the industry. For us, becoming Life Saver dealers in our home market was a no brainer; adding another layer of protection to prevent childhood safety would allow us to help more families and allow our passion to grow further. I completed the Life Saver installation certification in Florida where I learned all about the installation process and the Life Saver products.

Our family is very excited to provide the greater Houston market multiple layers of protection. We are proud to know that our passion will allow more families like ours to enjoy their swimming pools while avoiding the unthinkable. We know that that drowning is preventable and our goal to make Houston’s pools as safe as possible.

Looking for a Pool Fence Company in Houston?

Are you looking for pool fence company in Houston? As our history shows, we are more than just another pool fence company; we are a company dedicated to the safety of your loved ones around the pool.

Life Saver of Houston is happy to give you the information you’re looking for by phone if you’ve only begun looking, or we can come out to do a free evaluation as well. We work around your schedule, so meeting on weekends or evenings isn’t a problem. Contact us by email using the form on our site or call us at (832) 367-2377 for a free safety evaluation.

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