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When the safety of your children and pets matters.

Life Saver Pool Fence of Houston is proud to provide customers with professional service and the highest quality removable pool fences. Made in the USA, Life Saver Pool Fence Systems offer fences with the strongest removable pool fence poles and are backed by a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty. For over 25 years, Life Saver has been making removable fencing and improving its product all along. Meaning, that every Life Saver pool fence that is installed is made to be the best that is available on the market. When you make the wise choice of have a Life Saver fence installed around your pool, you can rest assured that your most precious ones are safe.

Today, our lives a full of distractions – phone calls, text messages, emails, Tweets, social media posts and more can distract an adult from supervising the swimming pool. We all know that a single moment of distraction can turn into tragedy. A professionally installed pool fence provides the barrier needed to avoid such disaster.

Life Saver Pool Fence Houston provides solutions that are high quality, removable backed by a lifetime warranty and aesthetically pleasing. Our removable pool fences give you the protection and flexibility that you need to keep your most precious treasures safe.

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A removable pool fence – a smart investment

A swimming pool fence is an intelligent investment. A removable fence is even smarter! Here are some examples of how you can benefit from a Life Saver Pool Fence:

  • Despite being removable, Life Saver pool fences are strong enough to stay up all year long
  • It takes only minutes to remove whenever holding an event where no children are present
  • The fence easily rolls up for compact storage
  • The almost transparent mesh will not block your view of the pool
  • Life Saver Pool Fence Houston offers different colors of patio caps to cover post holes
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • The strongest poles in the industry

For your pool fence needs in Houston, call Life Saver

Whether you’ve just bought a home with a swimming pool, installed a new pool, or you have a new family addition that requires increased pool safety, Life Saver Pool Fence Houston is the company to call. We provide friendly and professional customer service, factory-trained installation of your pool fence and more. All with the goal of making your pool enjoyable and safe. Contact us today for a free evaluation!